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    Heartbreak in a small Ontario city

    There isn’t a lot that can break my heart, but something I saw this past weekend did.Many are aware of the racist, neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim, hate-filled stickers which appeared in Owen ...
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    Work at home has its drawbacks

    I am going to complain to you now about working from home. But wait, hear me out.Yes, first I will tell you that working from home is a pretty special ...
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    Letters to the editor

    Issues left to resolve in SNC-Lavalin caseLike most reasonable people who aren’t Liberal Party politicians or Liberal pundits, I take great concern with a letter written to you by Mr.
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    Some people don't mind tourists

    Nobody likes tourists and this never bothered me until I was one and now I feel mortally wounded.When I’m at home in Owen Sound and the city folk descend on ...
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    Birds are on the move through area

    On March 13, Nikki May’s presentation to the Owen Sound Field Naturalists (OSFN) – Prairie Ecosystems – featured intriguing details of the resilience of the root structures of various prairie ...
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    Wider liquor sales a bad idea

    If things go the way the signs seem to be pointing, by this time next week Ontario will have announced the sale of alcohol in corner stores across the province.