Power outage hit nearly 4,700 people on peninsula

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Roxanne White heard a “pop” and the lights flickered and went out while she was toasting a bagel for her son this morning in their Mar home.

When the power temporarily returned, some lights came back on but dimly and her dryer’s lights were on, yet she wasn’t using the dryer before the power failed, she said.

“It’s definitely more unusual than any other kind of little surges we’ve had before or like hydro just going out.”

She’s one of the 4,657 customers on the Bruce peninsula Hydro One said initially lost power at 7:09 a.m. All power was restored by 12:16 p.m. Hydro One said.

The cause of the power failure was “animal contact,” with equipment which caused electrical insulators to break, Hydro One said.

Hydro One crews worked through the weekend restoring power to the last of the 250,000 customers in parts of Ontario where electricity was cut due to a wind storm on Halloween night.