Letter to the Editor: Inform us about both potential sites

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On March 15th my husband, Dan Rose, and I tuned into the virtual Huron-Kinloss Council Meeting.

Prior to the meeting we had read about the only nuclear waste storage facility in the USA which is located in a salt mine near Carlsbad, New Mexico. There, in arid conditions, the nuclear waste is stored at a depth of 2,150 feet or 660 meters underground.

Joanne Jayak, MWMO Section Manager, presented a very thorough outline of all that has happened so far and what actions are proposed re the South-Bruce site near Teeswater.

No mention was made of the Township of Ignace site except Councillor Hannah uttered the word “Ignace” at one point.

It is our understanding that there are still the two sites under consideration so now we would like to see an equally in-depth presentation on the Northwestern Ontario site.

Only then can we taxpayers make a fully-informed decision as to the preferred site.

We have two serious concerns about the Teeswater site. The first is that over a thousand acres of possibly the finest farmland in Ontario would be taken out of production and the second is the we think it is insane to be locating a nuclear waste dump neighbouring the world’s largest supply of fresh water, our Great Lakes watershed.


Ruth Rose



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